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Our fraternity meets on the first Saturday, 9:00-11:30 AM at the Kamiano Center.  We have 10 professed members and 1 candidate.  Our meetings and formation are conducted in the Korean Language.  

For information about this Fraternity, please contact Jim Doyle at 646-221-8585, or email to, with "Secular Franciscan Order" in the subject line.  You may also contact the Minister

봉사자,  성정숙 벨라뎃다 (Bernadette Sung) at  808 291 0947

St. Clare Fraternity (성녀 글라라 형제회)

Minister List (봉사자 명단)

봉사자 (Minister) 성정숙 벨라뎃다 (Bernadette Sung) 808 291 0947

부봉사자 (Vice Minister) 이은재 마리아 (Maria Lee)

서기 (Secretary) 성현숙 마리아 (Maria Sung)

회계 (Treasurer) 김희숙 글라라 (Clare Kim)

양성책임자 (Formation Minister) 서베네딕다 (Benedicta Suh)

영적 보조자(Spiritual Advisor) Fr. Mike Dalton OFM Cap